APP. Marketing has been a pioneer in cutting room equipment and machine for Thailand apparel industry for more than 25 years. Our product includes band knife, hand knife, cutting table, knock-down shelf etc. We provide complete cutting solution and after-service with more than 70% of market share.

          At this present day, most of the apparel manufacturers are paying more attention to their cutting room because this is the first process of the production, which concerns their material cost. We bring CAD/CAM solution to economize the cost, along with automatic spreader, automatic cutter and cutting table to incorporate advanced technology and reduce human errors.


          Our products are the necessity for the Material Utilization (MU).  All of APP. products are user-friendly and easy to maintain.  We are obliged to our valuable customers, in the same way as our principle of "DEVELOP CUTTING, SAVING YOUR COSTS".


          We have well-trained and long-experienced service team.  Our expertise can assure you that you will receive the best service, excellent spare parts and in-time service.  Let us serve you, while you are making money as our motto says "GOOD PRODUCT, GOOD SERVICE".



        Upgrade the apparel industry and related market to the international competition level, through the new and easy-to-use technology, combining with the local-made compartment accessories and utility products for the cutting room by adding more value and skill to the worker thru education and training.



        Produce and Sourcing, international standard products and equipments to satisfy the apparel industry and related market, and educate them to increase, improve and develop the competitiveness for the sustainable growth, through the proper technology, together with the precious human resource.



Integrity + Humble = TRUST


Learn + Adapt + Develop = ADVANCE TOGETHER


Unity +  Harmony = BINDING


Good Product

Quality Services

APP. Marketing Co., Ltd.